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  1. SCAP Content Editor

    SBC: G2, INC.            Topic: N/A

    NIST and G2 have been on the forefront of security automation with the development of the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). However, the barrier to entry for SCAP content creation is the requirement to have in depth knowledge of the underlying specifications. This project aims to allow security experts to create SCAP content without the need to be an expert in the specification. By leve ...

    SBIR Phase II 2012 Department of CommerceNational Institute of Standards and Technology
  2. An Automated Lapping Apparatus and Process for High- Process for High-Precision Random Profile Roughness Specimen Fabrication

    SBC: X-Wave Innovations, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    The measurement and quality control for smooth engineering surfaces are becoming more and more important in modern science and technology due to their important engineering functions and high production costs. NIST has frequently received requests for U.S. industry to provide Standard Reference Material (SRM) high-precision, random profile roughness specimens to support smooth surface measurements ...

    SBIR Phase I 2012 Department of CommerceNational Institute of Standards and Technology
  3. High Performance Signal Processing Tools with Fluctuation-Enhanced Sensing

    SBC: Signal Processing, Inc.            Topic: 9020163R

    We propose a high performance library of signal processing tools that incorporate a newly developed technique known as fluctuation enhanced sensing (FES) to enhance the novel microsensor developed at NIST. Our goal is to improve the performance of the NIST sensor from two angles. One is to apply our existing proven algorithms to the NIST data. The other one is to incorporate advanced FES concept t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of CommerceNational Institute of Standards and Technology
  4. A Versatile Microbot Fabrication Platform

    SBC: AMT Nano, LLC            Topic: 9050768R

    AMT Nano, LLC has developed innovative technology for achieving a versatile microrobot platform. The innovation relies on a unique micromolding process, which is low-cost and high-throughput, and high precison. The process achieves versatility by generating deterministic freeform shapes in polymers and nanocomposites. Several perceived benefits accompany the micromolding process. Due to the three- ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of CommerceNational Institute of Standards and Technology
  5. Enhanced Security Content Automation Protocol Editor

    SBC: G2, INC.            Topic: 9040577R

    G2 proposes to develop an intuitive, interactive SCAP content creation and editing utility that will provide a user-friendly operating environment. The promise of security automation offers the opportunity for great advances in software assurance, security governance/reporting, and ongoing monitoring activities. Hindering that promise is the fact that current data exchange protocols are cumbersome ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of CommerceNational Institute of Standards and Technology
  6. Integrated Power Electronics Cooling System Using EHD- Enhanced Microchannel Technology

    SBC: ATEC, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    ATEC and TA&T, in collaboration with the University of Maryland, will develop a light-weight, low-cost ceramic-based, high heat flux microchannel heat sink device suitable for power electronics cooling applications. The combination of our uniquefabrication process and the incorporation of an active heat transfer enhancement technology(electrohydrodynamics, EHD) will provide an enabling technology ...

    SBIR Phase II 2001 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  7. Bilayer 157nm Bottom Anti-Reflective Coatings

    SBC: Brewer Science Incorporated            Topic: N/A

    This SBIR Phase I will develop novel chemistry platforms for 157nm bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC's). Recent improvements in BARC's, photoresist's, and optical processes at deep ultra-violet have enabled resolution targets approaching 0.12 microns.The semiconductor industry technology roadmap calls for the introduction of 193nm processes to 0.07 microns, and BARC's are essential in achievi ...

    SBIR Phase I 2001 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  8. Novel Materials for IR Microbolometer Arrays

    SBC: Brewer Science Incorporated            Topic: N/A

    Ion implanted, thin polymer films exhibit a large temperature coefficient ofresistance which suggest their application in microbolometer arrays used for infrared(IR) imaging and temperature mapping. Compared to current microbolometer designswhich require a series of difficult deposition steps, an ion implanted polymer-baseddevice requires only a single layer which can be applied by spin coating a ...

    SBIR Phase I 2001 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  9. Advanced Regenerators for Cryocoolers Operating at 10-100 Kelvin

    SBC: Chesapeake Cryogenics, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    The performance of high speed cryocoolers is highly dependent on an effective regenerator which has high heat capacity, large surface area, and low pressure drop. These factors can increase refrigeration capacity, lower operating temperatures and improveefficency. Parallel plate regenerators have been shown to be the most effective geometry possessing most of these characteristics. However, implem ...

    SBIR Phase I 2001 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  10. Inspection of Composite Adhesive Bonds with an Electrochemical Sensor

    SBC: DACCO SCI, INC.            Topic: N/A

    DACCO SCI, INC., (DSI), together with the Composite Materials and Structures Center of Michigan State University, proposes a Phase I SBIR program to use an electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)-based corrosion sensor to monitor the integrity of anadhesive bondline between two composites or one composite and a metal. Using this sensor approach to detect moisture intrusion into a bondline wi ...

    SBIR Phase I 2001 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
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