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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for the given year is not complete until April of the following year. Annual Reports data is a snapshot of agency reported information for that year and hence might look different from the live data in the Awards Information charts.

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  1. Element Model Framework

    SBC: ARCHARITHMS, INC.            Topic: MDA18009

    Uniform interface saves money; reduced integration time; lifecycle improvement; increases integration speed; reduces schedule flux; saves times and schedule; reduces future improvement costs; reduces integration costs; reduces network bandwidth costs.Approved for Public Release | 18-MDA-9817 (23 Oct 18)

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  2. Advanced Data Management and Mining for BMDS Digital Simulations

    SBC: ARCHARITHMS, INC.            Topic: MDA18011

    Minimizes integration, testing and training; saves time and money; high speed identification of runs; automated classification of nominal and off nominal behavior; high quality visualization to help with analysis; quick display of estimated and predicted metrics; rapid prediction of performance; enables reuse of components with no software changes; low size weight and power compute nodes.Approved ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  3. RadHard Packaging for Small Satellite Microelectronics

    SBC: Triton Systems, Inc.            Topic: AF182066

    The purpose of this proposal is to develop a process capable of fabricating radiation hardened (RadHard) packages for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) microelectronics used in small satellites. The goal is to fabricate a package that mitigates single event effects and reduce total ionizing dose (TID) and dose rate from space radiation. During the Phase I, Triton Systems proposes to demonstrate the ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseAir Force
  4. Development of the JoRT Platform for Realistic Joint Reduction Training

    SBC: Luna Innovations Incorporated            Topic: DHA173002

    Joint reduction is a key skill and is a core competency for orthopedic surgeons deploying as part of a trauma team.Current training options are limited to classroom instruction on uninjured persons due to lack of a suitable training simulator. The first true reduction performed by medical providers is on actual patients. This method of instruction prevents the trainee from developing the comfort a ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  5. Reusable Pilot Vehicle Interface (PVI) Components and Widgets using ARINC 661 and FACE Architectures

    SBC: ART OFFICE CORP.            Topic: A17082

    Attempts to reuse modern graphical software applications are met with difficulty because avionics applications are typically developed with a specific platform in mind; in these instances, portability is an afterthought. This proposal provides a solution for prioritizing and maximizing the reuse of graphical avionics systems by detailing an innovative software development process and reference arc ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseArmy
  6. MIMO Robotic Radios Operating in Congested and Contested Spectra

    SBC: Silvus Technologies, Inc.            Topic: A18153

    Silvus StreamCaster radios and mobile networked MIMO waveform have many of the Armys desired capabilities for the robotic radio. The proposed SBIR program will address the untargeted capabilities and formulate a radio and waveform design fully meeting the needs of future Army robotic applications. Specifically, the targeted capabilities are: 1) a low SWaP mission scalable radio architecture to pro ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseArmy
  7. Next Generation Graph

    SBC: IT Consulting Partners LLC            Topic: SOCOM191004

    By leveraging twenty years of experience with Publicly Available Information (PAI), cloud computing, data normalization and structure, ITC is well qualified to analyze the technologies and architectures required to create a Next Generation Graph database.Additionally, ITC has ten years experience operating a cloud-scale platform for Publicly Available Information (PAI) collection and curation on b ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseSpecial Operations Command
  8. Novel, Localized Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for the vehicle control area network (CAN) bus

    SBC: Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.            Topic: A18126

    In this Phase I SBIR, Oceanit will build a novel, localized, intrusion detection system for the vehicle control area network (CAN) bus.

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseArmy
  9. Scalable, Flexible Antennas Arrays for Expeditionary Applications

    SBC: PROGENY SYSTEMS CORPORATION            Topic: A01100

    As part of an ongoing series of related efforts Progeny Systems Corporation is working with innovative technology providers to develop SATCOM capabilities supporting Medium Altitude and High Altitude Long Endurance (MALE/HALE), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground sensors and communications, and small size weight and power (SWaP) man-pack and dismounted technologies in an overall campaign to su ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseNavy
  10. Durable & Removable Mast Appliqus for Tunable Radio Frequency Absorption

    SBC: Luna Innovations Incorporated            Topic: N181087

    US Navy submarines use masts such as Lockheeds OE-538/BRC Multifunction Communication Mast Antenna System to communicate. Although these are highly effective, a main drawback to their use is that they can be detected by enemy radar. A prospective solution would be the application of material over existing masts that can be tuned to keep any desired band open for communication while maximally absor ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseNavy

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