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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

Download all award data either with award abstracts (290MB) or without award abstracts (65MB). A data dictionary and additional information is located on the Data Resource Page. Files are refreshed monthly.

  1. Abductive Electronics Prognostic Tool (ADEPT)

    SBC: ABTECH CORPORATION            Topic: N/A

    AbTech Corporation proposes to apply its unique Statistical Network ModelingTM technology to develop a non contact prognostic assessment tool that 1) acquires, processes, and analyzes electronic radiated signal data, 2) learns the expected characteristics and patterns of specific radiated signals measured from microelectronic semiconductor devices using AbTech's statistical network modeling techno ...

    SBIR Phase I 1997 Department of DefenseAir Force
  2. Active Noise Reduction Headphones for In-Situ Audiometry Testing

    SBC: Adaptive Technologies, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    Active noise reduction (ANR) headsets have found a market niche in the hearing protection industry, thereby validating the technology of active noise control for personal applications. This Phase I project will seek to extend the application of personal ANR systems to include specialized headphones which can successfully evaluate hearing acuity in typical clinical environments. To ensure a succe ...

    SBIR Phase I 1997 Department of DefenseAir Force
  3. Adaptive Cure Controller Using Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensors

    SBC: Luna Innovations Incorporated            Topic: N/A

    Fiber & Sensor Technologies (F&S), teaming with Virginia Tech, proposes to develop an adaptive control system for cure of thermoset resins during manufacture and repair of polymer matrix composites. Leveraging DOD-sponsored development of fiber optic cure monitor sensors, F&S will develop an embeddable "sensor string" by multi-plexing pressure, temperature, and viscosity sensors on a single optic ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseAir Force
  4. Advanced Audio and Virtual Human Sensory Interfaces: Improved Algorithm for Controlling Distance in 3-D Audio Displays

    SBC: PLANNING SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N/A

    The project goal is to produce an algorithm for synthesizing auditory distance which will be accurately perceived with little or no learning required. The algorithm could be added to an existing AF 30D audio system which uses headphones in a noise-reducing helmet. The approach is to combine very accurate recently developed atmospheric modeling with head-related transfer functions (HR ...

    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseAir Force
  5. Advanced Techniques for Arena Testing & Image Motion Modeling/Reconstruction

    SBC: OBSERVERA, INC.            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseAir Force
  6. Adv Tech for Minimization of Deflagration to Detonation Transition Distance in PDE Applications

    SBC: Adroit Systems, Inc.            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseAir Force
  7. A Fullerenes Based Oxygen Storage, Generation & Delivery Technology

    SBC: ATS-MER, LLC            Topic: N/A

    Fullerenes - the recently discovered pure carbon molecules - have a unique closed caged structure. This closed cage molecular structure bestows fullerene based solids with two important characteristics: first, an unprecedented lattice structure; and second, a molecular environment around fullerenes that is highly electronegative. The lattice structure of fullerene based solids consists of large oc ...

    SBIR Phase I 1994 Department of DefenseAir Force
  8. A Gallium Arsenide Synchronous Rectified-based Low Voltage Power Converter for High Radiation Environments

    SBC: Virginia Power Technologies            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1996 Department of DefenseAir Force

    SBC: Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc.            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1994 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  10. Aircraft Noise Impact Reduction Decision Support System

    SBC: Quantech, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    This proposal presents the phased development of a Decision Support System for Aircraft Environmental Noise Impact Prediction. The Decision System has several components including an acoustic source modeling component, an acoustic propagation component, a visualization/audio component, and an applications module. The technical basis for the system is the adaption and refinement of source and pro ...

    SBIR Phase I 1995 Department of DefenseAir Force
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