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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. Development of novel malaria parastie metabolite-based non-invasive diagnostic biosensor

    SBC: GUILD ASSOCIATES, INC.            Topic: N/A

    The long term goal of the project is to use malaria parasite specific low-molecular-weight metabolites as biomarkers for development of sensitive, low-cost, simple, battery-operated field-deployable urine or saliva diagnostic biosensor for detection of malaria infection. Four malaria parasite-specific metabolites (3-Methylindole, Succinylacetone, S-Methyl-L-thiocitrulline, O-Arachidonoyl Glycidol ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Rapid Detection of Endemic Fungal Infections in the U.S.

    SBC: NANOSHELL COMPANY, LLC            Topic: N/A

    Lectin recognition of fungal cell wall polysaccharides will be used to develop a rapid screening chip technology for the detection endemic fungal infection in blood. Fungal infections are life threatening to immune-compromised and immuno-suppressed patients (i.e. premature and malnourished infants, AIDS and cancer patients. seniors, and organ donation recipients). In addition to routine screenin ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  3. SBIR Phase II: Optimization of Rotavirus Vaccine Production

    SBC: Meridian Life Sciences, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    To improve the safety and efficacy of oral rotavirus vaccines, CDC scientists have developed a proprietary inactivated rotavirus vaccine (IRV) technology (new human strains and a novel method for rotavirus inactivation) and demonstrated the immunogenicity in mice [14] and protective efficacy in piglets [15] of this IRV by intramuscular (IM) administration. More recently, CDC scientists have demons ...

    SBIR Phase II 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  4. Clear Cues: Supportive Wayfinding for Care Communities

    SBC: Linda-&-Cameron, Inc.            Topic: NIA

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The purpose of this project is to develop and test Clear Cues (CC), a signage system for care communities that supports way finding in people with dementia. Way finding is a process through which people use informationin the environment to help them get to their desired destination. It's both the user experience of choosing a path and the design elements t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  5. Novel Alzheimer's Disease Drug Treatment

    SBC: P2D, INC            Topic: NIA

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): P2D Bioscience is developing the selective, non-addicting dopamine transport (DAT) inhibitor, PD2XXX, for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The core symptom of AD is short-term memory impairment. (DSM-IV) In preliminary studies, PD2XXX improved short term memory by over 110% in a well-accepted triple transgenic mouse model of AD (3xTg ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  6. A novel antisense therapeutic for treatment of Aspergillus fumigatus infections

    SBC: GUILD ASSOCIATES, INC.            Topic: NIAID

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Guild proposes to develop an antisense oligomer-based antifungal effective against the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus. With a 40%-60% mortality rate, invasive aspergillosis (IA) due to A. fumigatus now surpasses invasive candidiasis as the most frequent fungal cause of death, especially amongst immunocompromised patients. Successful therapy for IA with cu ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  7. A Quantum Similarity Approach for the Discovery of Anti-Trypanosome Drug Leads


    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) is an infectious disease with a large global health burden occurring primarily in Central and Eastern Africa. HAT is 100% fatal if untreated and the current drug therapies suffer frompoor safety profiles, difficult treatment regimens, limited effectiveness, and high costs. Furthermore, drugs that cross the blood brain barrier ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  8. Targeting the Core Binding Factor tumor suppressor in MLL-fusion AML

    SBC: P2D, INC            Topic: NCI

    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): RUNX1 is considered a beneficial tumor suppressor in myeloid neoplasms. Inhibition of RUNX1 function has been implicated as an important mechanistic event in the development of core-binding factor-(CBF)-leukemia and MLL-fusion leukemia. Inactivating RUNX1 mutations are frequently found in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). However, RUNX1 mutation is us ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  9. Multiplexed Ovarian Cancer Microfluidic Tissue Microarray

    SBC: Carterra, Inc.            Topic: NCI

    Project Summary We propose an instrument system for automated, multiplexed cell- and tissue-based experiments (i.e. tissue microarrays) called the Microfluidic Flow Cell Array (MFCA). The MFCA consists of a microfluidic flow cell array integrated with an inverted fluorescent microscope, allowing the observation of 48 flow chambers simultaneously or an individual chamber at higher magnification. Th ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services
  10. The Development of Novel Inhibitors of BCL2 Gene Expression as Anticancer Therape

    SBC: TETRAGENE, LLC            Topic: NCI

    Project Summary Evasion of apoptosis is a hallmark of cancer and is associated with oncogenesis, tumor maintenance, and resistance to conventional chemotherapy. BCL-2 was the first identified anti-apoptotic factor and is a member of the BCL-2 family of proteins that cooperate in the regulation of programmed cell death. BCL-2 plays a dominant role in the survival of multiple lymphoid malignancies a ...

    SBIR Phase I 2014 Department of Health and Human Services

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