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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. Point of Care Test for Disease Severity and Risk Stratification

    SBC: Lynntech Inc.            Topic: DHA172008

    Lynntech will design and build a prototype scale reduced weight, environmentally stable, CBC device which is usable at Roles 2 and higher which requires no cold chain storage. The device is specifically intended to be used by medical personnel deployed in Health Response Teams (HRTs) who are not lab technicians and who do not have rapid, reliable access to a hematology lab. To this end, the soluti ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  2. MARS Phase II

    SBC: ATC-NY, Inc.            Topic: DHA172004

    System maintenance is time consuming, expensive, and can cause extensive downtime if done improperly. To avoid improper system maintenance, extensive training is often required for existing systems, with additional training required for new capabilities before they can be deployed. This training often slows the deployment of new capabilities. Based on a successful SBIR Phase I prototype, the ATC-N ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  3. Next-Generation Ear Seals for Circumaural Headsets and Hearing Protectors

    SBC: Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.            Topic: DHA172007

    Service members are exposed to high noise environments on a daily basis. Aviation, mechanized, light and armored units are all exposed to environments well in excess of the permissible noise levels. In aviation alone, flight crews spend a majority of their day in aircraft and, even when not flying, are still subjected to the high noise levels of an active airfield. Ground crews carry headsets with ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  4. Rapid At-home Test for Monitoring Tacrolimus Levels in Plasma

    SBC: Lynntech Inc.            Topic: A18145

    Vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) is a surgical approach for the clinical management of non-salvagable injuries. Tissue rejection is a major issue for patients receiving VCA. Tacrolimus is the most common immunosuppressant employed to minimize tissue rejections in VCA. The safety and efficacy of tacrolimus, which has a narrow therapeutic window is particularly sensitive to proper ma ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  5. Lightweight, Compact System for Generating Lactated Ringer's Solution

    SBC: TDA Research, Inc.            Topic: DHA172011

    Currently, deployed medics are required to transport, maintain and be resupplied with liquid-based medications and materials that are heavy, expensive to transport, perishable and may require refrigeration.Many medications and materials are or will soon be available in concentrated or dehydrated formularies that require sterile water for injection (SWFI) to rehydrate for immediate use, one of the ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program
  6. Chronological Sweat Sensor Patch for Real-Time Human Molecular Biomarker Monitoring

    SBC: TDA Research, Inc.            Topic: DHA18003

    Sweat contains biomarkers that give an indication of human cognitive levels. In this SBIR project TDA Research is developing a modular sweat sensor patch that has the capability to not only carry out real-time monitoring of select biomarkers, but also to collect multiple precisely time stamped chronological samples (50-150 Ls each) for off-line analysis in laboratory assays.In Phase I, we demonstr ...

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of DefenseDefense Health Program


    Cardiovascular toxicityCVTxis a serious short and long term complication of many anti cancer chemotherapeutic regimensZamoranoLancellotti et alIn this PhaseSBIR submission to continue the development and validation of Accel Diagnosticsminimally invasiverapidcost effective and connected blood testthe pScreen CVTx TMfor the early detection and continuous of chemotheropy induced CVTx

    SBIR Phase II 2019 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  8. Rapid, Accurate Point-of-Care Test for Gonorrhea and Determination of Antimicrobial Susceptibility

    SBC: AI BIOSCIENCES, INC.            Topic: NIAID

    Antimicrobial resistant gonorrheacaused by Neisseria gonorrhoeaeNGhas become an urgent threat for global public healthThe goal of this project is to develop a one hour point of care diagnosticPOCtest capable of identifying NGand determining the infecting strain s susceptibility to antibioticsAI Biosciences plans to achieve this goal by expanding the capability of its POC system being developed for ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  9. Preclinical Development of Semisynthetic Saponin Immunological Adjuvant Titerquil-1055 in the Context of an Influenza Vaccine


    Increasingly defined vaccines against infectious diseases are better tolerated but less immunogenicrequiring use of an immunological adjuvant for best effectAdjuvance s semi synthetic saponin adjuvant TiterQuilTQLhas shown remarkable efficacy with a variety of antigens with no detectable reactogenicityWhen combined withof the leading vaccines against influenzaFluzoneFluarix and Flublokstriking aug ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
  10. DNA Based Nanoparticle Platform for HIV Env Presentation

    SBC: PARABON NANOLABS, INC.            Topic: NIAID

    In this projectParabon NanoLabs and The Scripps Research Institute propose to develop and produce an effective HIVvaccine using a structured DNA origami nanocarrier for the targetedcontrolled delivery of a stabilizedtrimeric HIVenvelope glycoproteinEnvwith an integrated adjuvantThe project will begin with the synthesis and characterization of composite nanostructurePV NFLto include development and ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of Health
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