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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. The Blow-down Large Angle-of-attack Signatures Thrust Termination Toolkit (BLAST3)

    SBC: Spectral Sciences, Inc.            Topic: MDA10022

    In this SBIR, we develop a toolkit for computing time-dependent signatures for solid rocket motor thrust termination. The toolkit is composed of several modules describing the combustion chamber, near field, and far field flows, and outputs time-dependent spectral imagery. The fidelity of each module is user selectable between slower, higher fidelity simulations, and faster engineering approxima ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  2. Advanced Chemistry and Radiation Modules for Wake and Reentry Flows

    SBC: Spectral Sciences, Inc.            Topic: MDA10023

    The outcome of the proposed SBIR program will be the development of an innovative scientific testbed code suite for reentry vehicle signatures. The testbed will model all key physical hypersonic flow effects to a high degree of fidelity and will be validated against field data. It is intended that the scientific testbed code could be used as a benchmark to test lower-fidelity models, or could be u ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  3. Hardware-Compressive Photonic Multi-Beam Receive-Only Array

    SBC: Photonic Systems, Inc.            Topic: MDA10026

    Users of phased arrays with large numbers of elements (e.g., 40,000 to 400,000) wish to have the capability of steering multiple beams simultaneously and to maximize the array bandwidth and dynamic range. Optical fiber"s light weight, small size, and immunity to electromagnetic interference have motivated researchers to propose photonic techniques for steering large arrays. In Phase I of the SBI ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  4. Develop Accelerated High Power RF MEMs Switch and Phase Shifter Reliability Test Methodologies

    SBC: RADANT MEMS, INC.            Topic: MDA10029

    Active phased array radars are expensive and solid state power and low noise amplifiers are a major component of that expense. Phase shifters employing low loss, high linearity Radio Frequency (RF) Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) switches are an enabling technology for Electronically Steerable Antennas that can be employed for radar and Electronic Warfare applications. This program will deve ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  5. Fast Wafer-Scale Characterization Techniques for CZT

    SBC: CAPESYM, INC            Topic: MDA10031

    The goal of this proposal is to develop fast wafer-scale techniques for characterization of Zn-concentration and precipitates and inclusions of Cd and Te. A novel approach to spectrometry will be used to develop a fully automated system for generation of high resolution 2D map of Zn-concentration that promises to be 10x-100x faster than current spectrometers. Advanced image processing techniques ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  6. Large Format Space Focal Plane Array Technologies

    SBC: PHOTRONIX            Topic: MDA10031

    Under a recently completed Air Force SBIR Phase II program, we demonstrated the initial feasibility of a back-illuminated p-on-n LWIR HgCdTe junction photodiode formed by diffusion of arsenic from a vapor source. This initial successful demonstration used a mesa format. Our proposed Phase I program will continue the development of the basic arsenic-vapor-diffused lateral-collection micro-junct ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  7. Innovative Low-Cost Nanostructured Anodes for High-Capacity Li-Ion Space Batteries (1001-606)

    SBC: Triton Systems, Inc.            Topic: MDA10034

    Triton Systems, Inc. proposes an innovative nanostructured anode material for use in advanced high-energy-capacity space-rated lithium-ion batteries. The new anode material has the possibility of increasing the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by a factor of 10. The deposition processes used to manufacture the anode are non-vacuum-based and large area, lowering the cost in production of the ano ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  8. Low-Cost Integrated Valve/Injectors for Bipropellant Thrusters

    SBC: BLAINE WRIGHT, INC.            Topic: MDA05067

    The most significant hardware costs on a missile interceptor propulsion system are associated with the thrusters, for which there are typically four divert thrusters and four, six, or eight attitude control thrusters per interceptor. The largest contributor to the thruster cost is the integrated valve/injector. Integration of the valve and injector into a single body provides the benefits of low d ...

    SBIR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  9. Innovative Plume Signature Methodology for Low Thrust Propulsion Systems

    SBC: Physical Sciences Inc.            Topic: MDA05045

    Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) proposes to develop validated plume codes for the hydrazine monopropellant thruster; the propulsion system that is being utilized for the Divert Attitude Control system in the kill-vehicles in several MDA sponsored defense systems. In Phase I, PSI demonstrated an approach to developing validated codes for the far-field plumes generated by the interaction of plume speci ...

    SBIR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  10. A Novel Method for Fast Rendering of Missile Plume Imagery

    SBC: Spectral Sciences, Inc.            Topic: MDA05044

    Since infrared radiation from missile exhaust plumes is a key observable for many satellite sensors and interceptor seekers, considerable effort has been expended in developing and validating high-fidelity plume signature codes. However, their utility for systems studies of missile fly-outs is limited by extremely long run times for each calculation. Spectral Sciences developed a data-driven algo ...

    SBIR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency

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