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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY24 is not expected to be complete until March, 2025.

Download all award data either with award abstracts (290MB) or without award abstracts (65MB). A data dictionary and additional information is located on the Data Resource Page. Files are refreshed monthly.

The award data files now contain the required fields to calculate award timeliness for individual awards or for an agency or branch. Additional information on calculating award timeliness is available on the Data Resource Page.

  1. Real Time Fractal Image Compression Techniques

    SBC: Iterated Systems, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of a new na resolution independent digital image compression technology in the area of real time compression for imagery including types generated by electro-optical, imaging infrared and millimeter wave sensors. The technology is based on Fractal Transform technology. Digital imagery is generated at a high rate and needs to be distr ...

    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  2. DSSR: Support for Domain Specific Software Requirements

    SBC: Reuse, Inc.            Topic: N/A

    Reusable software requiremetns offer significant potential for rapidly producing high quality software systems within many application domains. This is particularly the case in application domains where many variations of similar systems are generated. Command and control systems, such as those in CECOM, are specially good examples. Reusable requirements need to have the following properties. They ...

    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  3. Development of AM1 Semi-Empirical Parameters for the Group III, V, and VI Elements

    SBC: Stewart, James            Topic: N/A

    Reference data abstracted from literature sources, such as NIST and JANAF, as well as original research publications, will be used in the construction of data-sets. These data-sets will be suitable for use in parameterizing elements at the AM1 level, and, with appropriate modification, for parameterizing elements for other semiempirical methods. As several elements in Groups III, V, and VI have al ...

    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  4. Early Warning and Monitoring of Dangerous Biological Materials by Phase-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

    SBC: Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  5. Image-Based Terrain Database Generator for Simulation

    SBC: VEXCEL CORP.            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  6. Refined Reduced Order Models for Estimation of Terrain Induced Loads in Flexible Vehicles


    The new aerospace materials are finding applications in the design of military armor vehicles. However, the effect on ride quality, fire control, and internal structural loads due to the increased flexibility of these new vehicles must be ascertained by dynamic analysis. The size of models required to simulate these flexible body effect can be prohibitive from both cost and time perspective. There ...

    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  7. Automated Design Tool Set for Reliability and Performance Evaluation of Fault-Tolerant Avionics Systems



    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
  8. A Propensity Score Model of Costs and Benefits Related to Army Service

    SBC: Operational Techologies Corporation            Topic: N/A

    A major obstacle to the establishment and measurement of valid cause and effect relationships between Army service and the costs and benefits of such service is the impossibility of performing experiments with random assignment of individuals to service and non-service groups. A recent innovation in statistical theory, propensity score methodology, allows one to draw from an observational (or retr ...

    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy

    SBC: Shonka Research Associates            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1993 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  10. Nondestructive Testing from Fuzed Data

    SBC: ENSCO Inc            Topic: N/A


    SBIR Phase I 1993 Department of DefenseArmy
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