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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY24 is not expected to be complete until March, 2025.

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  1. Powered Paraglider with Increased Capabilities

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N201003

    Expanding upon a successful Phase I program, the Triton team will further develop an advanced powered paraglider system to enhance personal air mobility of USMC reconnaissance personnel in this Phase II effort.  Operational, structural, tactical, and human factors-related features will be refined and optimized for the needed application parameters (e.g., required flight distance, launch flexibili ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseNavy
  2. Jargon Aware-Artificial Intelligence (JAWA), SBIR Phase II Program, Topic N202-091

    SBC: SIGNAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION            Topic: N202091

    SSC will leverage the ability for deep neural networks to perform feature extraction along with transparent classifier architectures, which are innately explainable to create an AI assistant for passive air anti-submarine warfare applications. Deep neural networks will be used to learn the features operators use when reviewing sonar displays. This embedded expert knowledge will enable the AI assis ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseNavy
  3. Automated Partial Occlusion for Truncal Hemorrhage Control

    SBC: CCJ Medical Devices LLC            Topic: HR001120S001926

    Current REBOA solutions occlude the vessel by inflating a balloon internally and creating a seal against the endothelium. By partially deflating the balloon, a reduced flow state can be accomplished to allow perfusion of distal tissue and mitigate ischemic injury, but this has been difficult to manage. Fluid dynamics show that flow restriction through an orifice is linearly proportional to its cro ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  4. Advanced Broadband Test Hardware for Event Based Systems

    SBC: MUSTANG OPTICS LLC            Topic: HR001121S000726

    Mustang Optics, in collaboration with Southern Methodist University, is focused on the research, development and commercialization of an Open Architecture optical technology platform utilizing the capabilities of a modified Texas Instruments Deformable Micromirror Device (DMD). The required modifications include replacing the window on the DMD, changing the physical operating characteristics of th ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  5. Expeditionary Maritime Mine Countermeasures

    SBC: TAI-YANG RESEARCH COMPANY            Topic: HR001119S003509

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is actively seeking new and novel technologies for the design of low cost, miniaturized, expendable payloads to be mounted within Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV’s) for expeditionary maritime Mine Counter Measure (MCM) missions. UUV payloads for MCM influence systems are desired in one or more of the following modalities: a) Pressure, b) Seis ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  6. Innovative Transfer System for Buoyant Cable Antennas

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N202134

    Triton Systems, Inc. and partners will develop a transfer mechanism for U.S. Navy submarines to deploy and retrieve buoyant cable antennas while underway, at depth, and maintaining stealth. The legacy system is no longer compatible with new advancements in antenna designs, and the legacy system is dangerous, slow, and difficult to maintain. Triton’s innovative transfer system will enable the use ...

    SBIR Phase II 2022 Department of DefenseNavy
  7. Small High-Speed Amphibious Role-Variant Craft

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N201004

    Triton Systems and partners who are deep area experts will continue to develop a contemporary Higgins boat that can serve as littoral transport for personnel, manned vehicles, and unmanned autonomous systems.  The contemporary Higgins boat will support expeditionary advanced base operations with flexible and modular mission packages. This role variant vehicle will allow manned operation, remote o ...

    SBIR Phase II 2023 Department of DefenseNavy
  8. Low Cost Deepwater Delivery Vehicle

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N211064

    Triton Systems, Inc. is proposing an innovative, low cost method for the delivery of sensor payloads to specific locations for oceanographic, environmental, and biologic data collection in various depths of water. The DART System (Deployment using Acoustic and Ranging Transmission) will be capable of delivering a payload to a predetermined location within a 33 ft radius. The DART vehicle will be c ...

    SBIR Phase II 2023 Department of DefenseNavy
  9. Autonomous Anchoring System For Unmanned Vessels

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N211072

    Triton Systems, Inc. and partners will develop an autonomous anchoring system for the U.S. Navy aboard USVs that can conduct routine anchoring operations without human intervention. The current anchoring solution is manpower intensive requiring a user in the loop to both choose the location as well as execute and monitor the sequence of actions such as, but not limited to, the lowering and securin ...

    SBIR Phase II 2023 Department of DefenseNavy
  10. Extended Life and Low Maintenance Aircraft Tie Down Fitting

    SBC: TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: N211045

    Triton Systems proposes to continue development of a novel corrosion and abrasion resistant solution to extend the service life of carrier Type VIII (five bar) aircraft tie-downs. Our solution utilizes a novel coating process that results in improved coating adhesion, impact resistance, allows weldability, reduces cost, and retains strength. The novel material selection and process will improve th ...

    SBIR Phase II 2023 Department of DefenseNavy
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