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  1. Logistic-Fueled 500-kW SOFC Power System

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: OSD08E09

    In this proposed SBIR project, NexTech Materials will determine feasibility of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) for large-scale (100+ kW) power generation from military logistic fuels. In Phase I, a conceptual design for a fuel cell power system operating on logistic fuel will be established in order to determine the expected energy density of a 500-kW SOFC system. Various operational modes will ...

    SBIR Phase I 2009 Department of DefenseNavy
  2. SBIR Phase II: Catalyst for Biomass Gasification Processes

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: BT

    This Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project focuses on improving efficiency and reducing cost associated with the production of energy, liquid fuels, and value-added chemicals from gasified biomass. Unlike most other sources of biofuels, gasification would not directly compete with food sources since virtually any organic matter can be used as the feedstock. Examples of feedstocks i ...

    SBIR Phase II 2009 National Science Foundation
  3. SBIR Phase II: "Bio-Ethanol Fueled SOFC System"

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: N/A

    The proposed research will satisfy three of the USDA's strategic goals as discussed below: (1)The project will enhance economic opportunities for agricultural producers by facilitating the providing impetus for the establishment of a bio-ethanol infrastructure, leading to a new agricultural industry based on crop production and harvesting. (2) The project will support increased economic opportunit ...

    SBIR Phase II 2008 Department of Agriculture
  4. Manufacturing Analysis of SOFC Interconnect Coating Processes

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: 29b

    Due to the threat of global warming, and the economic need for energy independence, the Department of Energy is seeking alternative means of energy production. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) offer a route for more efficient use of fossil fuels, biofuels, and biomass, with less pollution compared to combustion approaches. However, widespread use of SOFCs is currently limited, partially by the hig ...

    SBIR Phase I 2009 Department of Energy
  5. Sulfur Tolerant Catalysts for Biomass Tar Removal

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: F

    In this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project, NexTech Materials proposes a catalytic reforming approach to remove waste tar from gasified biomass on nickel-based catalysts. Biomass gasification is a potential renewable route to producing electricity, liquid fuels, and value-added chemicals. At high temperatures, carbonaceous biomass reacts with air, oxygen, and /or steam to product ...

    SBIR Phase I 2013 Environmental Protection Agency
  6. High Power Density SOFC Stack

    SBC: NEXTECH MATERIALS, LTD.            Topic: OSD13EP4

    Small unmanned aerial systems (S-UAS), unmanned ground systems (UGS), vehicle auxiliary power units (APU), and mobile power generation units require high efficiency power systems capable of operating on logistically available fuels (JP-8, diesel) to enable long endurance operation.In particular, S-UASs in the Group 2 (2155 lbs)/Group 3 ( 150 cm2 active area) in the Phase I and then to the stack le ...

    SBIR Phase II 2015 Department of DefenseOffice of the Secretary of Defense
  7. High Power RF Windows for Accelerator Applications

    SBC: CALABAZAS CREEK RESEARCH, INC.            Topic: 14e

    High power RF windows are failing due to single surface multipactor. A more effective and robust technique is required to address this problem. This program will investigate two approaches for addressing multipactor failure in high power windows. The first will explore improved methods for depositing surface films to reduce secondary electron emission. The second approach will investigate changes ...

    STTR Phase I 2010 Department of Energy
  8. High Current Density Long Life Cathodes for High POwer RF Sources

    SBC: CALABAZAS CREEK RESEARCH, INC.            Topic: 64e

    The power that can be produced by klystrons and other RF devices is often limited by the current emission density that can be extracted from the cathode. Operation of existing cathodes at high current density leads to dramatically reduced lifetime. Long life cathodes operating at high cur

    SBIR Phase I 2010 Department of Energy
  9. Development of a 2 MW CW Waterload for Electron Cyclotron Heating Systems

    SBC: CALABAZAS CREEK RESEARCH, INC.            Topic: 56b

    Gyrotrons are being developed for ITER and other fusion systems that produce 2 MW CW of RF power for electron cyclotron heating. Currently there are no waterloads available to test gyrotrons at this power level. The U.S. also is responsible for providing 1.5 MW loads and 2.0 MW loads for ITER. Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. developed prelimnary designs in Phase I that efficiently distrib

    SBIR Phase II 2010 Department of Energy
  10. Development of a 100 kW, 2.815 GHz Klystron

    SBC: CALABAZAS CREEK RESEARCH, INC.            Topic: 14a

    A need exists for a 100 kW CW, highly efficient 2.815 GHz klystron to drive superconducting

    SBIR Phase I 2010 Department of Energy
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