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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. Proprietary biologic treatment to heal skin wounds

    SBC: Allander Biotechnologies            Topic: NIDCR

    SUMMARY Chronic skin wounds associated with various diseasese gdiabetesand aberrant healing from acute woundinge ghypertrophic scarringare a major health care burdenThis health burden increases in aging populationsThe cost to treat these conditions exceeds $billion annuallyCurrentlyREGRANEXa cream containing a biologic based on human PDGFPlatelet Derived Growth Factoris the only FDAFood and Drug A ...

    SBIR Phase II 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Quantitative Biotherapeutic Particle Characterization via Deep Neural Networks

    SBC: Ursa Analytics            Topic: 400

    Project SummaryDespite their many bene ts and common useprotein based drugs can elicit serious adverse side effectsMany of these side effects are believed to be caused by small protein aggregatesOne tool for measuring these particles in a high throughput fashion is Micro ow ImagingMFIMFI is commonly used in both academia and industry to characterize subvisible particlesthosem in sizein protein the ...

    STTR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  3. Transforming STEM Education in K-12 using the Biological Interactive Outcomes Modular Environment (BIOME)

    SBC: IQ Smart Interactive LLC            Topic: 500

    PROJECT SUMMARYThe United States is falling behind in Science and Math according to results from the Programme for International Student AssessmentPISAranking the US asth in Science andth in Mathematics out ofcountriesThese unfortunate statistics could be attributed to teacher hesitations in teaching math and scienceinability to excite student interest in STEM subjectsor an unclear real world appl ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  4. An Isotonic Biome-Friendly Vaginal Moisturizer to Relieve Genitourinary Menopausal Symptoms

    SBC: FAIRHAVEN HEALTH, L.L.C.            Topic: NICHD

    An Isotonic Biome Friendly Vaginal Moisturizer to Relieve Genitourinary Menopausal Symptoms SUMMARYPostmenopausalPMwomen suffer from vaginal atrophywith a loss of natural moisture and elasticityas well as vaginal dysbiosis and increased vaginal pHcollectively known as the Genitourinary Syndrome of MenopauseGSMSymptoms of GSM include vaginal drynessburningirritation and malodoras well as sexual dys ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  5. DT-EGF Toxic Fusion Protein for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer

    SBC: Aurora Oncology, Inc.            Topic: 399

    Project Summary Abstract Bladder cancer causes overannual deaths worldwide withnew cases anddeaths reported in the USTreatment of superficial bladder cancer by resection and BCG administration is unsuccessful inof cases with recurrences eventually requiring cystectomy or other aggressive therapynew therapies are neededThe role of Epidermal Growth Factor ReceptorEGFRin bladder cancer pathogenesis h ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  6. Detection and Staging of Liver Fibrosis by Precise MRI (pMRI)


    Abstract Chronic liver injury due to alcoholmetabolic dysfunctionviral hepatitisor autoimmune disease results in liver inflammation and fibrosisLiver fibrosis will progress to cirrhosis which is estimated to affectof the world s populationThe major clinical consequences of cirrhosis are liver failure and hepatocellular carcinomaHCCboth of which increase the risk of deathAlcoholic liver diseaseALDi ...

    STTR Phase II 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  7. Family Therapy Training and Implementation Platform (FTTIP): An innovative web-based tool for long-term practice improvement

    SBC: Santisteban, David            Topic: 104

    Project Summary AbstractFamily therapy has emerged as one of the most efficacious interventions for child and adolescent behavioral and psychiatric issues such a Conduct Disorder and Substance Use Disorders and for chronic health conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer sHoweverwidespread implementation of family therapy is often hampered by high training costsre training needs following staff turn ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  8. A Novel Tolerance Therapeutic for Treating Graves' Disease

    SBC: VIRTICI LLC            Topic: NIAID

    Project Summary Our goal is to develop VTC Gas a novel tolerance inducing therapeutic to treat GravesDiseaseGDGD is an autoimmune disease in which patients produce an antibody that binds to the thyroid stimulating hormone receptorTSHRmimicking the effects of thyroid stimulating hormoneTSHAutoimmune induced hyperthyroidism is inducedresulting in a wide range of symptoms such as thyroid enlargementg ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  9. Engineering Nanoparticle Alum Adjuvants for Pandemic Influenza Vaccines

    SBC: HDT Bio Corp.            Topic: NCIRD

    Project Summary SignificanceSinceavian influenza AH Nhas sickened overpeople with amortality rateHalf of all cases occurred inwhich also saw the emergence of a highly pathogenic strainThusH Navian influenza is poised to emerge as a devastating pandemic in a worldwide population that has no pre existing immunityCurrent Hvaccineswhether attenuatedinactivatedsplit or recombinantare insufficiently imm ...

    SBIR Phase I 2018 Department of Health and Human Services
  10. Deconvolution and Assembly of Metagenomes Using Chromatin Conformation Capture

    SBC: PHASE GENOMICS, INC.            Topic: NIAID

    Abstract The Specific Aim of this Phase II SBIR proposal is to develop an affordable commercial quality product for improved metagenomic sequencing and culture free microbial discoveryWith development of high throughput sequencing technologieswe now have the capacity to sequence entire genomes of cultured microorganismsHoweverwe only have a limited capacity to sequence pooled genomesmicrobiomesthr ...

    SBIR Phase II 2018 Department of Health and Human Services

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