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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for the given year is not complete until April of the following year. Annual Reports data is a snapshot of agency reported information for that year and hence might look different from the live data in the Awards Information charts.

  1. Investigation of Combustion Instability in Augmentors Using High-Speed PIV and PLIF

    SBC: Spectral Energies, LLC            Topic: AF071173

    The objective of this Phase-II effort is to build and deliver a high-speed laser system for performing particle-image velocimetry (PIV) and planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) of OH at rates of 5 to 10 kHz in augmentor test facilities. This state-of-the-art laser system will allow velocity and 2-D flame radical measurements for understanding the complex spatio-temporal development of instab ...

    SBIR Phase II 2008 Department of DefenseAir Force
  2. Rapid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Methodology for Rotorcraft Maneuver Analysis

    SBC: Sukra Helitek Inc.            Topic: A06009

    The lack of proper estimation of air loads encountered during transient maneuvers introduces excessive design conservatism. A reduced fidelity CFD methodology based on momentum source (Rot3DC) and a comprehensive analysis code (RCAS) were coupled in Phase I to validate the ``proof-of-concept'' that such system is capable of rapidly analyzing steady and transient maneuvers. The tightly coupled sys ...

    SBIR Phase II 2008 Department of DefenseArmy
  3. Multi-Parameter Discrete Sample Carbon Analyzer

    SBC: Sunburst Sensors, LLC            Topic: 822

    A Multi-Parameter Inorganic Carbon Measurement System

    SBIR Phase II 2007 Department of Commerce

    SBC: BEE ALERT TECHNOLOGY, INC.            Topic: N/A

    This project is aimed at helping protect crop productivity by providing a means of rapidly assessing the health of bee colonies used for pollination. We propose research leading to the design of a hand-held device that could scan a honey bee colony, and quickly indicate the condition of that colony. The increase in efficiency of examining colonies for pollination, for honey production, for queen r ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture
  5. Enhancing Pork Quality and Value Using Live Animal Ultrasound Technology for Better Breeding and Marketing Decisions

    SBC: BIOTRONICS, INC            Topic: N/A

    Consumers and an ever growing segment of the pork industry know that more optimal levels of marbling must be put back into the high-value pork cuts. Biotronics, Inc. is developing technology to solve this problem by using real-time ultrasound to measure the percent of intramuscular (% IMF) fat in live pigs and hot carcasses. The premise of the project is that swine breeders can be rewarded financi ...

    SBIR Phase II 2007 Department of Agriculture
  6. Developing a Pyrolysis Platform Biorefinery (1) High Quality Bio-Oil

    SBC: Frontline Bioenergy, LLC            Topic: N/A

    "This proposal, lead by Frontline BioEnergy, teams with the Iowa State University (ISU), Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET) to develop high quality, time-stable and storable fast pyrolysis oils in phase-I that are useful for production of fungible liquid fuels such as diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. Our approach uses novel filtration techniques to reduce total alkali contamination in ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture
  7. An Automated Tool for Deriving FARSITE Canopy Fuel Parameters from Airborne LiDAR Data

    SBC: HyPerspectives Inc.            Topic: N/A

    HyPerspectives proposes to address a serious obstacle to wildfire management by providing a software solution roadmap for the creation of crown fuel layers for the FARSITE fire simulator. By doing so we will connect recent advances in LiDAR technology with an end-user community who is in need of LiDAR-derived fuel data products. HyPerspectives will draw upon its successful experience in LiDAR soft ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture
  8. Autogenous replicon particle (ARP) vaccines for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrom virus (PRRSV)

    SBC: HARRISVACCINES, INC.            Topic: N/A

    There is a clear and immediate need for improved PRRSV vaccines. PRRS is estimated to cost pork producers in the U.S. nearly $600 million annually and with a national eradication effort being proposed, the need for a second generation vaccine tool that is effective and safe is crucial. The use of a vector such as replicon particles (RP) merges subunit and modified live technologies to safely induc ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture
  9. Buhl Idaho Ethanol Project: Integrating low value starch feed stocks with energy efficient starch hydrolysis


    "This renewable energy project will complete the first phase of developing an innovative approach to a commercial ethanol plant in Buhl Idaho. The plant will use barley as a feedstock, supplemented by available sources of low value starch. Barley is the best crop for ethanol production in local agronomic systems and the use of low value and waste materials will significantly reduce feedstock cost. ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture
  10. Novel Use of Plant Tissue Culture for Site-adapted, Acid Soil, Heavy Metal Tolerant, Native Plants Useful for Mine Land Revegetation.

    SBC: SMK PLANTS, LLC            Topic: N/A

    There is a need for native plants tolerant of low soil pH and elevated heavy metal concentrations to revegetate acid mine land in the Rocky Mountain west. Acid/ heavy metal tolerant (AHMT) plants are necessary because of the immense area of acid mine land that needs reclamation. Mining wastes have contaminated 3,346 miles of rivers in six Western states, including 1,118 in Montana. It will cost bi ...

    SBIR Phase I 2007 Department of Agriculture

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