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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY20 is not expected to be complete until September, 2021.

  1. High-Efficiency, High-Power Ka-Band Elliptic-Beam Traveling-Wave-Tube Amplifier for Long-Range Space RF Telecommunications

    SBC: Beam Power Technology, Inc.            Topic: O105

    Space telecommunications require amplifiers that are efficient, high-power, wideband, small, lightweight, and highly reliable. Currently, helix traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) are the technology of choice. Conventional helix TWTAs employ circular electron beams. Recently, lightweight circular-beam helix TWTAs have been demonstrated with power output in the range of several hundred watts and ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  2. Precision Electrospray Thruster Assembly (PETA)

    SBC: Espace Inc            Topic: S201

    New low cost, low volume, low power, rugged electrospray thrusters will be ideal as actuators for precision thrusting, if provided with precision high voltage power supplies. The small thrusters show minimum thrusts of 1.2 nanoNewton, and thrusts scalable in a wide range to hundreds of microNewtons, with an ISp of 3500 sec. We propose in Phase I to develop, test and characterize with electrospray ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  3. Enhanced Reliability MEMS Deformable Mirrors for Space Imaging Applications

    SBC: Boston Micromachines Corporation            Topic: S202

    The goal of this project is to develop and demonstrate a reliable, fault-tolerant wavefront control system that will fill a critical technology gap in NASA's vision for future coronagraphic observatories. The project outcomes include innovative advances in component design and fabrication and substantial progress in development of high-resolution deformable mirrors (DM) suitable for space-bas ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  4. Innovative Deterministic Optical Surface Finishing

    SBC: AGILTRON, INC.            Topic: S205

    Increasing the optical surface finishing precision and reducing surface roughness will greatly benefit astronomy telescope and other optical systems. Conventional optical finishing only delivers about 1/10 lambda surface flatness and is hard to handle arbitrary surface shape. To finish optical surface with low cost to an ultra high precision and to reach the capability of generating arbitrary surf ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  5. SPHERES Mars Orbiting Sample Return External Orbiting Capture


    NASA's Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission scenario utilizes a small Orbiting Sample (OS) satellite, launched from the surface of Mars, which will rendezvous with an Orbiter/Earth Return Vehicle (ERV). When the radio beacon-equipped OS is within range of the ERV's optical sensors, the ERV will optically track and approach the OS, maneuvering itself to place the OS within its capture device. ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  6. Portable Sensor for Rapid In Situ Measurement of Trace Toxic Metals in Water

    SBC: Giner, Inc.            Topic: X303

    Water is one of the most crucial provisions that astronauts need to live and work in space, whether orbiting Earth, working at a lunar base or traveling to Mars. For long-duration human missions, drinking water can come from a variety of sources including treated humidity condensate, urine, hygiene water or makeup sources (e.g., water brought up from the ground or obtained through fuel cells). The ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  7. Wide Temperature Cycling Tolerant Electronic Packaging Substrates

    SBC: ReMetAl LLC            Topic: X602

    Planetary exploration missions require electronics packaging that can withstand extreme temperatures and numerous temperature cycles (-230C to +350C). The present project proposes a novel metallized ceramic substrates that could potentially withstand these temperature extremes and serve as reliable packaging platforms. Phase I research will be aimed at confirming this - new metallized ceramic subs ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  8. Novel Membrane for Highly Efficient Fuel Cells

    SBC: EIC LABORATORIES, INC.            Topic: X801

    Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and electrolyzers are key technologies for NASA space systems utilizing hydrogen, oxygen, or water as reactants. In order to improve the life and reliability of the electrochemical stacks within these systems, as well as to reduce overall system mass/volume and cost, development of membrane-electrode-assemblies (MEAs) that are stable and highly efficient i ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  9. Electrically Conductive, Hydrophilic Porous Membrane for Fuel Cell Applications

    SBC: Giner, Inc.            Topic: X801

    This Phase I effort seeks to produce a conductive polyethersulfone (PES) microporous membrane for fuel cell water management applications. This membrane will facilitate gas/liquid separations in regenerative fuel cells (RFC). The preferred novel approach will impart electrical conductivity to the PES itself; previous attempts at similar membrane development have only focused on applying a conduc ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  10. SPHERES/Universal ISS Battery Charging Station


    With the retiring of the shuttle fleet, up-mass and down-mass to ISS are at a premium. The space station itself has a limited lifecycle as well, thus long-term and/or high-risk development programs pose issues for science 'return on investment', if the technology cannot be adequately matured before the station is decommissioned. Thus innovative systems and technologies that minimize impa ...

    SBIR Phase I 2011 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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