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  1. SBIR Phase I: Multimodal Tactical Sensing for Consumer electronics & Neuroprosthetics

    SBC: SurfaSense LLC            Topic: EW

    The broader impact/commercial potential of this project focuses on the growing multipoint touch sensors estimated at US $94B in 2024. Touch screens literally allowed access to the virtual world and its capabilities at our fingertips and enabled those who were keyboard illiterates to access the vast world wide web capabilities through this natural interface. A ubiquitous cost effective multipoint t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  2. SBIR Phase I: Large Scale And Automated Unsupervised Machine Learning For Anomaly Detection

    SBC: ROCKETML INC            Topic: IT

    The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project will result from enabling businesses to process and extract insights from large unlabeled datasets, using machine learning with minimal human supervision, in application areas such as cyber security, precision medicine and predictive maintenance. Current deep learning approaches require large ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  3. STTR Phase I: Instrument Design for the Optical Detection of Insects in Agricultural Settings

    SBC: Integrative Economics, LLC            Topic: PH

    The broader impact of this Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I project includes the development of new tools and methods for detecting and managing insect populations in the agricultural sector. The benefits of improved information about insect populations are substantial, including increased farm revenues through avoided pest damage and improved pollinator activity, and increased ac ...

    STTR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  4. SBIR Phase I: Robust High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Through Vacuum Matrix Assisted Ionization

    SBC: MSTM, LLC            Topic: BT

    The broader impact/commercial potential of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project is the development of a newly discovered spontaneous ionization process for use with mass spectrometry that is combined with a novel sample introduction device. This technology has the potential to drive mass spectrometry into new application areas that are currently underserved by this premier analyti ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  5. SBIR Phase I: Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells for Lightweight Flexible High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules

    SBC: Amberwave, Inc.            Topic: PH

    The broader impact of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project will be to support the societal need for higher adoption of clean renewable energy. The new kind of high-efficiency, lightweight and thin photovoltaic modules that will be enabled by this project will be ideal for integration at the factory with roofing materials for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) buildings. This ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  6. SBIR Phase I: A portable, powered lift to instantly increase independence of all manual wheelchair users

    SBC: Levate LLC            Topic: MD

    The broader impact of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project is the increased independence, productivity, and quality of life of people who use wheelchairs. This project addresses important national and worldwide challenges related to the mobility of people who use wheelchairs (4 million in the US alone), which is continuously jeopardized by many daily challenges. Through t ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 National Science Foundation
  7. Additive-Manufactured Superconductor Phase Shifters

    SBC: VOXTEL, INC.            Topic: 10a

    Statement of the problem: If high‐quality phase shifters can be made rapidly and inexpensively, it will enable substantial improvements in free electron lasers (FELs) performance and benefit the exploration of atomic and molecular science. X‐ray FELs now use permanent magnetic undulators to produce x‐ray light by wiggling high‐ energy bunches of electrons in alternating magnetic fields, wi ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Energy
  8. Integrated Catalytic Membrane System for Modular Manufacturing Of On-Purpose Propylene at Shale Gas Sites

    SBC: COMPACT MEMBRANE SYSTEMS, INC.            Topic: 22a

    Shale gas is reshaping petrochemicals. A big change is the generation of “on purpose” propylene (OPP) plants. These OPP plants in most cases are based on propane dehydration (PDH). The reason for OPP plants is the change of mixtures being fed to crackers produces less propylene. In PDH plants, propane are converted to propylene but not quantitatively (e.g. 85% yield) so there is a need to impr ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Energy
  9. Micron-scale Direct-detection X-ray Detectors

    SBC: VOXTEL, INC.            Topic: 14a

    Techniques such as high‐energy x‐ray microscopy and Bragg coherent diffraction imaging are being developed. These techniques provide unique structural information at the micro‐ and nano‐scale for the discovery of novel materials. However, due to the limitations of suitable detectors, these techniques are severely limited when applied at high x‐ray energies (> 30 keV). In particular, thes ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Energy
  10. TAU Analytica: Bringing Advanced Data Analytics to Performance Analysis

    SBC: ParaTools INC            Topic: 03b

    Powerful tools, including the TAU Performance SystemQR , exist to collect, visualize, and analyze performance data about HPC applications. However, usability issues with traditional HPC programming languages, li- braries, and frameworks are pushing users to newer, higher-level frameworks for specialized purposes, such as deep learning and data analytics. HPC systems, including leadership Departmen ...

    SBIR Phase I 2019 Department of Energy
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