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The Award database is continually updated throughout the year. As a result, data for FY19 is not expected to be complete until April, 2020.

  1. A Real-Time, Non-Invasive Monitoring System of Combat Casualties for Early Detection of Hemorrhagic Shock During Transport and Higher Echelon Medical

    SBC: FLASHBACK TECHNOLOGIES, LLC            Topic: A09AT027

    On the battlefield, medics must quickly determine injury severity, treat the greatest threats to life, diagnose hemorrhage and establish a triage order. The objective of this research project is to apply our active, long-term learning technology to the task of modeling and prediction of central blood volume parameters from extremely large, and variable physiological datasets. In Phase I, we appl ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  2. TeraHertz Atmospheric&Ionospheric Propagation, Absorption and Scattering (TAIPAS)

    SBC: COLORADO ENGINEERING INC.            Topic: A09AT001

    Radio wave propagation models have steadily advanced during the past several decades producing what is widely recognized as a set of standard models for the attenuation, dispersion and nominal path of radio waves at frequencies within the radio region of the spectrum (i.e., which we define for these purposes as ~ 100 KHz to ~3 THz) with a focus on .1-1THz. Colorado Engineering, Inc. and the Unive ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  3. Robotic System for Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery

    SBC: AMERICAN GNC CORPORATION            Topic: A09AT029

    The R-NOTES platform serves as an innovative and unifying system architecture for Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) to be used in both the civilian and military sectors. While NOTES has recently emerged as a logical step beyond laparoscopic methods in minimally invasive surgery, several technological hurdles, largely associated with flexible instruments, remain before widespr ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  4. Broadband Obscurants for Visible and IR Countermeasures

    SBC: NANOCOMPOSIX INC            Topic: A08T025

    Successful military operations require dominant control of the electromagnetic spectrum in the battlefield. Smokes and obscurants are becoming increasingly important to block the function of enemy optical tracking systems and sensors during day and night operations. Fielded munitions are optimized for either the visible or infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. A single device that b ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  5. Integration of 360-Retrodirective Noise Correlating Radar with Panoramic Imager

    SBC: Physical Domains            Topic: A09AT017

    This proposal aims to develop and demonstrate a novel fused sensor system capable of detecting bullets in real time and over a 360o field-of-view. The bullet detection is based on a retrodirective noise-correlating radar that also provides the bullet bearing in real time. The bearing information will be transformed into a track through space with real-time external processing in a PC or PDA. Th ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  6. High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers

    SBC: Pranalytica, Inc.            Topic: A09AT007

    Currently there is wide variation in QCL performance at different wavelengths. Performance of new generation of QCLs recently demonstrated at wavelengths near 4.6 & #956;m exceeds the performance of legacy QCLs at other wavelengths by a wide margin. Much of the progress at 4.6 & #956;m was made under DARPA"s EMIL program. The objective of the present Phase II proposal is to experimentally valid ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  7. Improved Sensing Using Simultaneous Deep UV Raman and Fluorescence Detection

    SBC: Photon Systems, Inc.            Topic: A09AT019

    This proposal addresses the need to increase the probability of detection (PD) and reduce the probability of false alarm (Pfa) for non-contact, real-time sensors for trace levels of biological and chemical targets using simultaneous detection of Raman and fluorescence emissions. Raman spectroscopy is a spectroscopic method that provides information about molecular bonds in target materials. ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  8. Ultra Fine Grain Steel Alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation

    SBC: TRANSITION45 TECHNOLOGIES, INC.            Topic: A10aT001

    This STTR program proposes to exploit the tremendous benefits that could be offered by the development of ultra fine grain steel alloys for application to the production of high performance components for military rotorcraft applications. A severe plastic deformation technology based on isothermal forging technologies will be explored here. The goal is to demonstrate a practical, production level ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseArmy
  9. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Operation Model

    SBC: Global Aerospace Corporation            Topic: MDA07T007

    Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC), in collaboration with NASA"s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), plans to develop a prototype, high-fidelity, first principle-based, comprehensive, and user-friendly software model to predict the long-term behavior of advanced rechargeable lithium batteries in aerospace applications. This Li-Ion battery operation model will 1) incorporate in one tool, for the first ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  10. 2K x 2K Dual Band Focal Plane Array Development for Advanced Interceptor IRSTS Applications

    SBC: Nova Research, Inc. DBA Nova Sensors            Topic: MDA08T002

    Nova Sensors is engaged in the development of an advanced large format dual-band readout integrated circuit (ROIC) that is closely coupled with a compact, high performance image analytics processor. This combined technology is optimized for use in MDA Infrared Search and Track System (IRSTS) applications. The focal plane array will incorporate on-ROIC features that improve SNR, manage data volum ...

    STTR Phase II 2011 Department of DefenseMissile Defense Agency

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