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# of Employees: 50

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Award Charts

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  1. SOUL System Maturation

    Amount: $749,979.00

    Busek Co. Inc. proposes to advance the maturity of an innovative Spacecraft on Umbilical Line (SOUL) System suitable for a wide variety of applications of interest to NASA, DoD and commercial missions ...

    SBIRPhase II2016National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  2. High Performance Iodine Feed System

    Amount: $749,900.00

    Busek is developing an advanced iodine feed system for Hall Effect Thrusters (HETs), ion engines, cathodes, and other plasma generators. The feed system features an innovative piezo driven valve that ...

    SBIRPhase II2016National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  3. A Novel Electrode Material for Thermionic Power Generation

    Amount: $124,994.00

    The conversion of heat to power has proven to be vital in flight missions where solar power generation is not an option. Radioisotope thermoelectric generators that converted heat produced by a decayi ...

    SBIRPhase I2016National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  4. 1mN Electrospray Thruster with Safe Passive Propellant Delivery

    Amount: $124,890.00

    Busek proposes to develop a compact electrospray propulsion system with unprecedented capability. The 1500s Isp while requiring less than 45W of power. Compared with existing state-of-the-art CubeSat ...

    SBIRPhase I2016National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  5. AstroCube: An Asteroid Prospecting CubeSat Mission

    Amount: $124,993.00

    Busek, in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), proposes to develop a robotic resource prospecting mission to a near-Earth asteroid using a 6U CubeSat, nicknamed "AstroCube". This ambitiou ...

    STTRPhase I2016National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  6. Novel High Velocity Ion Beam Generation for Space Propulsion

    Amount: $746,919.00

    ABSTRACT: Busek Co. Inc. proposed to explore the feasibility of a highly scalable miniature ion beam generator system capable of producing atomic and/or molecular beams with velocities corresponding ...

    SBIRPhase II2015Department of Defense
  7. Fuel Flexible Hall Thruster for Multi-Mode Propulsion Systems

    Amount: $149,995.00

    ABSTRACT:Busek proposes to develop a Hall thruster operating on chemical propellant(s). This fuel flexible thruster would ultimately be paired with a chemical rocket to produce an efficient multi-mode ...

    SBIRPhase I2015Department of Defense
  8. Ultra Compact Green Monopropellant Propulsion for CubeSats

    Amount: $149,997.00

    ABSTRACT: Busek proposes to develop an ultra compact CubeSat propulsion system utilizing non-toxic, green monopropellant. The system will occupy 1/2U volume and the tuna can protrusion space made av ...

    SBIRPhase I2015Department of Defense
  9. Low Mass Low Specific Power Hall Effect Thruster

    Amount: $749,997.00

    ABSTRACT: Busek Co. Inc. proposes to develop a high power, low-mass Hall effect thruster. The baseline thruster is sized at nominally 8kW power level. A specific feature to be implemented includes ...

    SBIRPhase II2015Department of Defense
  10. Hybrid Direct Drive PPU for Deep Space CubeSat Propulsion System

    Amount: $124,927.00

    Busek proposes to develop an innovative, hybrid direct-drive (HDD) Power Processing Unit (PPU) for CubeSat electric propulsion (EP) systems. The technological approach is an adaptation of a Busek pate ...

    SBIRPhase I2015National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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