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Optical Air Data Systems, LLC

Company Information
Manassas, VA 20110-2042
United States


DUNS: 617046693

# of Employees: 35

Ownership Information

HUBZone Owned: No

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged: No

Woman Owned: Yes

Award Charts

Award Listing

  1. EDL Sensor Suite

    Amount: $124,747.00

    Optical Air Data Systems (OADS) L.L.C. proposes a LIDAR based remote measurement sensor suite capable of satisfying a significant number of the desired sensing requirements in a compact, lightweight, ...

    SBIRPhase I2013National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  2. Non-Mechanical LADAR for Improving The Helicopter Pilot’s Situational Awareness in Reduced Visual Cue Environments

    Amount: $78,848.00

    We propose the development of a motion free, eye-safe, all fiber optic laser based scanning system for real time terrain mapping under degraded visual conditions. The proposed technique leverages on a ...

    SBIRPhase I2008Department of Defense Navy
  3. Miniature, Low Cost Real-Time Weather Sensor for Airdrop

    Amount: $69,700.00

    The Army is developing a series of gliding parachute systems such as the PAGASYS and WSADS which rely on detailed wind prediction. The lack of availabilty of accurate wind profiling data results in s ...

    SBIRPhase I2005Department of Defense Army
  4. Vertical Wind Profile Data Collection Using Laser Technology on Unmanned Delivery Platforms.

    Amount: $99,540.00

    Optical Air Data Systems is proposing to develop an all fiber optic laser wind sensor which can be used to profile the winds to improve the accuracy of the Leaflet Delivery Systems (LDS). The sensor ...

    SBIRPhase I2005Department of Defense Special Operations Command
  5. Velocity Measurement from a Buoy in an Open Ocean Environment

    Amount: $74,898.00

    Wind velocity is a critical parameter measured by ocean observing systems. Currently, wind velocity is measured from most buoys with mechanical or point acoustic anemometers that measure wind at the ...

    SBIRPhase I2004Department of Commerce
  6. On-Board Wind Vector and Air Density Sensing for Weapon Applications

    Amount: $69,969.00

    Optical Air Data Systems, L.P. (OADS, L.P.) proposes a design for a weaponmounted, low-cost, compact, reliable, lightweight wind sensor system toremotely and accurately measure the weapon air data par ...

    SBIRPhase I2003Department of Defense Navy
  7. NAVSTORS"-- Naval Stowage & Retrieval System"

    Amount: $749,289.00

    A unique LIDAR wind sensor will be designed, fabricated andtested on the Navy's Landing Craft, Air Cushion Vehicle (LCAC).The all fiber optic system will be small and compact and lendsitself to the ha ...

    SBIRPhase II2001Department of Defense Navy
  8. N/A

    Amount: $69,948.00


    SBIRPhase I2000Department of Defense Navy
  9. Low Cost Eye-Safe Miniaturized Laser Cross Wind Sensor

    Amount: $350,154.00

    An innovative electro-optical laser wind sensor concept is proposed for test and evaluation which will provide cross wind aim point correction for shooting accuracy. Patented technology will allow a ...

    SBIRPhase II1998Department of Defense Navy
  10. Low Temperature Decontamination for Chemical and Biological Defense

    Amount: $98,648.00

    A universal decontamination solution which is non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly has been developed. Modifications to the basic technology needs to be made in order to achieve decon ...

    SBIRPhase I1998Department of Defense Army
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