DOD/ARMY SBIR 2012.2 3

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Available Funding Topics

  • A12-075: Numerical Model of Variable Surface Roughnesses for Parasite Drag Estimation
  • A12-076: Advanced Seal Technology for Helicopter Drive System Application
  • A12-077: Selective Ammunition Feed System for Machine Guns and Auto Cannons
  • A12-078: Low Cost Cockpit head tracking and gestural recognition
  • A12-079: ASP Motion Base for Stabilized Mounts
  • A12-080: Lightweight, High Effectiveness, Low-Cost Recuperators for Small Turbine Engines in Army Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • A12-081: Analysis Tools for Composite Laminate Material Properties Prediction
  • A12-082: Advanced Nonintrusive Dispense Tracking Diagnostics for Aerospace Delivery Vehicles
  • A12-083: Residual Property Prediction for Damage Composite Structures
  • A12-084: Innovative Semi-Active Laser (SAL) Signal Processing Techniques in Noisy Environments
  • A12-085: Rapid Scene Creation for Multispectral Terrain Signature Models and Simulations
  • A12-086: Flexible, Compact Acoustic Transducer Arrays
  • A12-087: Sensitive and Diagnostic Mental Workload Classifier
  • A12-088: Alternative Source for Neutron Generation
  • A12-089: Free-Space Optical Communications: Light Detection and Ranging Enhanced Data Delivery
  • A12-090: Processes or Materials for Vertebrate Cell Storage and Maintenance
  • A12-091: Field-portable Quantitative Test for Chlorinated Organic Compounds in Water
  • A12-092: Environment and Conflict: Developing a Framework for Vulnerability Assessment.
  • A12-093: System for Application of Biopolymer for Revegetation of Soil
  • A12-094: Downscaling Techniques for Ground State Information
  • A12-095: Improved Solar Shade (ISS) with Enhanced Durability and Performance
  • A12-096: Anthropometric Casualty Estimation Methodologies
  • A12-097: Non-invasive Detection System for Assessment of Oxidative Status
  • A12-098: Multi-functional Integrated Drive System Sensor (MIDSS) for Rotorcraft
  • A12-099: Air-to-Air Targeting Algorithms for Turreted Gun Systems
  • A12-100: 3 kW Lightweight Efficient Generator
  • A12-101: Nonlethal Warhead for Miniature Organic Precision Munitions
  • A12-102: Cordless Battery Charging
  • A12-103: Downrange Crosswind Sensor for Small Arms Fire Control

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