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Available Funding Topics

  • N11A-T001: Automated Human and System Performance Assessment in Operational Environments
  • N11A-T002: Compact Radar Technology For Over the Horizon Small-Boat and Semi-Submersible Detection and Tracking
  • N11A-T003: Plasmonic Enhancement of Receiver Circuits for Energy Harvesting
  • N11A-T004: High Resolution Measurement of the Flow Velocity Field in a Supersonic Jet Plume
  • N11A-T005: Modeling of pulse propagation in a four level atomic medium for gyroscopic measurements
  • N11A-T006: Advanced Thin-film Battery Development
  • N11A-T007: Modeling to Quantify Improved Durability of Superfinish Gear Processing
  • N11A-T008: Modeling Tools for the Development of Innovative Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • N11A-T009: High Density, High Efficiency Electrical Power Generation System for UAS Applications
  • N11A-T010: High Fidelity Helicopter Lag Damper Model for Comprehensive Rotor Analysis
  • N11A-T011: Monolithic Beam-Combined Mid-Infrared Laser Array
  • N11A-T012: Emitter Geolocation Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Targeting and Naval Battlespace Awareness
  • N11A-T013: Mitigation of Fuel Tank Explosions and Fires from IED Blasts
  • N11A-T014: Advanced Flame Resistant Resin System for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Shipboard Applications
  • N11A-T015: Image Feature Extraction for Improved EW Classification
  • N11A-T016: Tunable Bandstop Filters for Suppression of Co-site Interference and Jamming Sources
  • N11A-T017: Underwater Sensor System Autonomous Burial and Operation
  • N11A-T018: Automated Situational Understanding for Undersea Warfare Decision Support
  • N11A-T019: High Fidelity Digital Human Models for Protective Equipment Design
  • N11A-T020: Visible Electro-Optical (EO) System and LIDAR Fusion for Low Cost Perception by Autonomous Ground Vehicles
  • N11A-T021: Low Power, Long Life, Smart ISR Sensors
  • N11A-T022: Hybrid Technologies Amplifier Chain for>30 Gbps Per Data Link Energy Efficient Digital Output from 4K
  • N11A-T023: Enhancing System Software Resiliency via Function-Level Artificial Diversity
  • N11A-T024: Development of an EO/IR Common Aperture Modular Multifunction Sensor
  • N11A-T025: Low-Power Arctic environmental sensors for UUVs
  • N11A-T026: Low cost acoustic transmitter
  • N11A-T027: Compact, Light Weight, Low Cost, Precision, Non-inertial Underwater Navigation Sensor
  • N11A-T028: New Affordable Energy Storage Technologies for Power Grids and Micro-Grids
  • N11A-T029: Affordable High Strength Mo-Si-B Alloys for High Temperature Applications
  • N11A-T030: Novel Torque Sensing for Condition Based Maintenance
  • N11A-T031: Multi-Perspective Decision Making in a Networked Environment
  • N11A-T032: High-level tools and languages for faster Intelligent Tutoring System(ITS) model development
  • N11A-T033: Multi-Sensor Data Collection Suite for Unobtrusive Human Performance Measurement
  • N11A-T034: Energetic MaterialsRDX/HMX Performance with TATB Sensitivity
  • N11A-T035: Safe High Voltage Cathode Materials for Pulsed Power Applications
  • N11A-T036: Weather and Environmental Software Tool for System Requirements Investigation
  • N11A-T037: Desktop Manufacturing with Micro-robot Swarm
  • N11A-T038: Scenario Based Tactical Radio Channel Simulator
  • N11A-T039: New Process for Space Qualified Electronic Components

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