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  1. A2: Fundamental Aeronautics

    Materials and Structures for Future Aircraft Combustion for Aerospace Vehicles Aero-Acoustics Aeroelasticity Aerodynamics Aerothermodynamics Flight and Propulsion Control and Dynamics Aircraft Systems Analysis, Design and Optimization Rotorcraft Propulsio ...

  2. A2.01: Materials and Structures for Future Aircraft

    Fundamental Aeronautics A2.01 ...

  3. A2.02: Combustion for Aerospace Vehicles

    Fundamental Aeronautics A2.02 ...

  4. A2.03: Aero-Acoustics

    Fundamental Aeronautics A2.03 ...

  5. A2.04: Aeroelasticity

    Fundamental Aeronautics A2.04 ...

  6. A2.05: Aerodynamics

    The challenge of flight has at its foundation the understanding, prediction, and control of fluid flow around complex geometries - aerodynamics. Aerodynamic prediction is critical throughout the flight envelope for subsonic, super-sonic, and hypersonic vehicles - driving outer mold line definition, providing loads to other disciplines, and enabling environmental impact assessments in areas such as emissions, noise, and aircraft spacing.

  7. A2.06: Aerothermodynamics

    Development of hypersonic flight vehicles for airbreathing access to space and for planetary entry poses several design challenges. One of the primary obstacles is the large uncertainty in predictive capability of the aerothermal environment to which these vehicles are subjected. For airbreathing access to space vehicles, predictions of boundary layer transition to turbulence and shock boundary layer interactions in a turbulent flow regime are sources of large aerothermal uncertainty and require conservative assumptions.

  8. A2.07: Flight and Propulsion Control and Dynamics

    NASA is conducting fundamental aeronautic research to develop innovative ideas that can lead to next generation aircraft design concepts with improved aerodynamic efficiency, lower emissions, less fuel burn, and reduced noise and carbon footprints. To realize these potential benefits, innovative vehicle design concepts can exhibit many complex modes of interactions due to many different effects of ...

  9. A2.08: Aircraft Systems Analysis, Design and Optimization

    One of the approaches to achieve the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program goals is to solve the aeronautics challenges for a broad range of air vehicles with system-level optimization, assessment and technology integration. The needs to meet this approach can be defined by three general themes:

  10. A2.09: Rotorcraft

    The challenge of the Subsonic Rotary Wing thrust of the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program is to develop validated physics-based multidisciplinary design-analysis-optimization tools for rotorcraft, integrated with technology development, enabling rotorcraft with advanced capabilities to fly as designed for any mission. Technologies of particular interest are as follows: Experimental Capabilities: Instrumentation and Techniques for Rotor Blade Measurements

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