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NOTE: The Solicitations and topics listed on this site are copies from the various SBIR agency solicitations and are not necessarily the latest and most up-to-date. For this reason, you should visit the respective agency SBIR sites to read the official version of the solicitations and download the appropriate forms and rules.

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  1. A12-117: Adapting SmartPhones for Ocular Diagnosis

    Release Date: 07-26-2012Open Date: 08-27-2012Due Date: 09-26-2012Close Date: 09-26-2012

    OBJECTIVE: Develop a stereo-photo Smartphone ophthalmic slitlamp (system), with accessories and software applications for ocular diagnosis in remote or austere locations where ophthalmic or optometric support is unavailable, such as military forward operating bases, ships afloat, or disaster areas, or humanitarian missions. DESCRIPTION: Ocular injuries currently account for approximately 13-22 ...

    SBIRDepartment of DefenseArmy
  2. AF182-078: Adapting UAV/UAS Cyber Security Algorithms to Small Satellites

    Release Date: 04-20-2018Open Date: 05-22-2018Due Date: 06-20-2018Close Date: 06-20-2018

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Space Platforms OBJECTIVE: Develop the capability to quickly convert algorithms from the air domain to the space domain for cyber resilience DESCRIPTION: Current Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (UAV/UAS) are devising platform security algorithms and software. These unmanned platforms are architecturally similar to small spacecraft. The small spacecraft needs trusted envi ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  3. AF151-036: Adaptive Agentless Host Security

    Release Date: 12-12-2014Open Date: 01-15-2015Due Date: 02-25-2015Close Date: 02-18-2015

    AF151-036 Department of Defense Air Force ...

    SBIRPhase IDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  4. AF17A-T018: Adaptive and Smart Materials for Advanced Manufacturing Methods

    Release Date: 11-30-2016Open Date: 01-10-2017Due Date: 02-08-2017Close Date: 02-08-2017

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Space Platforms OBJECTIVE: The objective of this effort is to identify new materials that are suitable for advanced manufacturing techniques, like 3D printing, that accommodate adaptive properties with respect to mechanical, geometrical, or electromagnetic properties. DESCRIPTION: The AF is investing in advanced manufacturing methods including areas such as additive manufactu ...

    STTRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  5. AF141-109: Adaptive antenna structures

    Release Date: 11-20-2013Open Date: 12-20-2013Due Date: 01-22-2014Close Date: 01-22-2014

    OBJECTIVE: Develop antenna structure(s) or related items, capable of reducing radio frequency interference (RFI) susceptibility in RF-congested environments by controlling radiated and received emissions. DESCRIPTION: The Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) finds itself operating in regions of increasingly congested Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The advent of private and comm ...

    SBIRPhase IDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  6. A17-115: Adaptive Armor Actuator Mechanisms

    Release Date: 11-30-2016Open Date: 01-10-2017Due Date: 02-08-2017Close Date: 02-08-2017

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Ground Sea OBJECTIVE: Develop and demonstrate a model for a mechanism capable of moving an armor panel of at least 1 square foot with an areal density of 100 pounds per square foot (PSF) 10 horizontally in less than 5 seconds. The movement is intended to be repeatable and controlled from the interior of the vehicle and shall not pose harm to dismounted personnel. DESCRIPTION ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseArmy
  7. SB171-014: Adaptive Control and Advanced Sensing for Turbine Based Combined Cycle Vehicles

    Release Date: 11-30-2016Open Date: 01-10-2017Due Date: 02-08-2017Close Date: 02-08-2017

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Air Platform, Weapons OBJECTIVE: Develop an adaptive control system for high-speed propulsion systems that leverages self-learning and distributed sensors on board and integrates them into the vehicle and propulsion systems. PROPOSALS ACCEPTED: Phase I and DP2. Please see the 17.1 DoD Program Solicitation and the DARPA 17.1 Direct to Phase II Instructions for DP2 requirements ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  8. OSD11-CR2: Adaptive Desktop Trainer for ISR Imagery Analysis Based on Contextual Factors

    Release Date: 07-28-2011Open Date: 08-29-2011Due Date: 09-28-2011Close Date: 09-28-2011

    TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Information Systems, Human SystemsOBJECTIVE: Develop an adaptive desktop training device with underlying learning management system (LMS) architecture to train ISR imagery analysis for better decision making by warfighters.

    SBIRPhase IDepartment of DefenseArmy
  9. N133-148: Adaptive Diesel Engine Control

    Release Date: 07-26-2013Open Date: 08-26-2013Due Date: 09-25-2013Close Date: 09-25-2013

    OBJECTIVE: The objective is to reduce the volume of fuel consumed by the MTVR engine during mission operations by 15-25% over current fuel consumption while increasing the power output of the engine by 5-10% over current engine rated capability. These goals will be reached thru modification of the Caterpillar C12 or similar engine enabling full and independent control of diesel engine components ...

    SBIRPhase IDepartment of DefenseNavy
  10. AF212-D009: Adaptive Filtering for Anti-Jamming of GPS, Wireless and Spread Spectrum

    Release Date: 04-21-2021Open Date: 05-19-2021Due Date: 06-17-2021Close Date: 06-17-2021

    TECH FOCUS AREAS: Network Command, Control and Communications TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Sensors OBJECTIVE: This is a Direct to Phase II topic. Air Force tactical communications provide information and dataflow between various airbases involved in conflict and these airbases require communication back to central commands in the United States and in Europe. Tactical satellite communications play an impor ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseAir Force
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