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NOTE: The Solicitations and topics listed on this site are copies from the various SBIR agency solicitations and are not necessarily the latest and most up-to-date. For this reason, you should visit the respective agency SBIR sites to read the official version of the solicitations and download the appropriate forms and rules.

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  1. DHP13-002: Automated Non-Invasive Cognitive Load Assessment for Medical Training Effectiveness and Safety

    Release Date: 04-24-2013Open Date: 05-24-2013Due Date: 06-26-2013Close Date: 06-26-2013

    OBJECTIVE: Effective team performance is critical during medical emergencies and combat trauma situations. The goal is to make medical team training exercises more useful to participants and more readily interpretable by instructors. The desired result is improved capability to measure -- automatically & noninvasively -- team performance, team dynamics, individual performance, individual cognitiv ...

    SBIRDepartment of DefenseDefense Health Agency
  2. N191-034: Automated Multi-System Course of Action Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence

    Release Date: 11-28-2018Open Date: 01-08-2019Due Date: 02-06-2019Close Date: 02-06-2019

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Sensors, Electronics, Battlespace OBJECTIVE: Create a mission planner decision aid that enables Automated Decision Support (ADS) utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is scalable and composable to provide timely and effective employment of maritime resources and off board sensors. DESCRIPTION: AI ADS that is advanced, scalable, and composable is needed to address the pla ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseNavy
  3. N132-108: Automated Method for Developing Concept Level Cooling Distribution Systems

    Release Date: 04-24-2013Open Date: 05-24-2013Due Date: 06-26-2013Close Date: 06-26-2013

    OBJECTIVE: This topic seeks innovation to develop an automated ship-system synthesis software tool for creating preliminary ship design models of auxiliary cooling distribution systems. DESCRIPTION: Integrated Electrical Power Systems and high-energy defense and combat weapon systems that are planned for future Navy Surface Ship platforms will require unprecedented thermal management solutions. ...

    SBIRDepartment of DefenseNavy
  4. DMEA231-008: Automated Measurement of Passive Devices in Printed Circuit Assemblies

    Release Date: 01-11-2023Open Date: 02-08-2023Due Date: 03-08-2023Close Date: 03-08-2023

    OUSD (R&E) CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Microelectronics OBJECTIVE: Design and implement a system that would automate the measurement of passive electronic components (capacitors, inductors, and resistors). The components can be measured in place or removed and measured in an automated fashion. DESCRIPTION: Manual measurement of passive devices requires a large amount of human resources to comp ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseDefense Microelectronics Activity
  5. SF241-D023: Automated MBSE Model Generation of Space Systems

    Release Date: 11-29-2023Open Date: 01-03-2024Due Date: 02-21-2024Close Date: 02-21-2024

    OUSD (R&E) CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Trusted AI and Autonomy; Advanced Computing and Software The technology within this topic is restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), 22 CFR Parts 120-130, which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services, including export of sensitive technical data, or the Export Administration Regulation (EAR), ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  6. MDA21-002: Automated MAP Compliance Assessment Tool

    Release Date: 04-21-2021Open Date: 05-19-2021Due Date: 06-17-2021Close Date: 06-17-2021

    RT&L FOCUS AREA(S): Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Information Systems; Ground Sea; Weapons OBJECTIVE: Design, develop, and integrate a software audit tool that can be run in parallel with a software development environment and be able to identify when a software developer is or is not developing their software in accordance with MDA Assurance Provisions (MAP) requ ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseMissile Defense Agency
  7. N201-059: Automated Management of Maritime Navigation Safety

    Release Date: 12-10-2019Open Date: 01-14-2020Due Date: 02-12-2020Close Date: 02-26-2020

    TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Ground Sea OBJECTIVE: Develop software or a combination of software and hardware that enable an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) to tailor its navigation safety active emissions and passive signatures to the current situation based on broad guidance given days earlier by a distant controlling station. DESCRIPTION: Unmanned Vessels should be able to present an appearance that is ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseNavy
  8. A11a-T020: Automated malware understanding and classification

    Release Date: 01-27-2011Open Date: 02-28-2011Due Date: 03-30-2011Close Date: 03-30-2011

    OBJECTIVE: Automated techniques for understanding and classifying behavior of novel malware. DESCRIPTION: The number of new malware being encountered in the wild is steadily and rapidly increasing. Recent reports show that more than 5,000 new, unique malware samples are encountered daily. In order to keep pace and not fall behind in the arms race with malware creators, there is a dire need for ...

    STTRPhase IDepartment of DefenseArmy
  9. AF222-0012: Automated Malware Generation Technologies for Avionics Cyber Resiliency

    Release Date: 04-20-2022Open Date: 05-18-2022Due Date: 06-15-2022Close Date: 06-15-2022

    OUSD (R&E) MODERNIZATION PRIORITY: Cybersecurity; Autonomy; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Sensors OBJECTIVE: Develop a capability to automatically generate malware test samples to support cyber resiliency for next-generation avionics architectures. DESCRIPTION: Next-generation avionics architectures require the ability to operate in a cyber-contested envi ...

    SBIRPhase I/Phase IIDepartment of DefenseAir Force
  10. 003: Automated Instrument to Clean Microtiter Plates

    Release Date: 08-15-2012Open Date: 08-15-2012Due Date: 12-03-2012Close Date: 12-03-2012

    This initiative seeks to develop an automated piece of instrumentation that can be used to clean previously used microtiter plates, making them suitable for reuse. Given the large quantities of microtiter plates required for high throughput screening any such device developed has the potential of a viable commercial market. Currently in high throughput screening the rule of thumb is to treat every ...

    SBIRPhase IDepartment of Health and Human Services
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