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Available Funding Topics

  • N12A-T001: Integral Fuel Tank Self-sealing Protection
  • N12A-T002: Exploiting Polarimetry in Littoral Surveillance
  • N12A-T003: High-Power Semiconductor Laser in the 3.0- to 3.5-um Spectral Range
  • N12A-T004: Bonded Joint Analysis Method
  • N12A-T005: High-Speed Electronically Tunable Fiber Optic Wavelength Filter
  • N12A-T006: Total Fatigue Life Assessment of Complicated Structures
  • N12A-T007: Early Damage State Detection in Gearbox Components Via Acoustic Emission
  • N12A-T008: Novel Temperature and Vibration Tolerant Packaging for Inertial Sensors (MEMS)
  • N12A-T009: Development of Large Format Rapid Charge and Discharge Batteries for Underwater Warfare Applications
  • N12A-T010: Developing and validating a model to understand mixed lubrication regions for fluid-film bearings
  • N12A-T011: High Resolution Measurement of the Coupled Velocity and Acceleration Fields of both the Fluid and Structure in Hydrodynamic Fluid Structure Interactions associated with Marine Vehicles
  • N12A-T012: Application of Auxetic Textiles to Military Protective Clothing
  • N12A-T013: Computing With Chaos
  • N12A-T014: Multi-Chip Module Maturation, Whole Wafer testing, and Reworkable Epoxy Bonding
  • N12A-T015: Energy Efficient HF Transmit Antennas
  • N12A-T016: Long-Range Arctic Undersea Navigation for unmanned systems
  • N12A-T017: Expendable Acoustic Source for AUV Based Geoacoustic and Geotechnical Survey Operations
  • N12A-T018: Toolset for the Robust Design of Materials for Superplastic Forming Processes for Titanium Structural Components
  • N12A-T019: Affordable CMAS -Resistant Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • N12A-T020: Dive Helmet Noise Quieting
  • N12A-T021: Imaging through low-visibility fire smoke for ship-board navigation of robotic fire-fighting systems
  • N12A-T022: Intermediate Transient Support of High Rate and Pulsed Loads
  • N12A-T023: Coupled Molecular Design and Synthesis of High Density Energetic Materials
  • N12A-T024: Chalcogenide Infrared Fiber Manufacturing Technology
  • N12A-T025: Fortifying Data-at-Rest Encryption with a Credential/Functional-Based Encryption Layer
  • N12A-T026: Wide-area Motion Imagery and Radio Frequency Compressive Sensing Applications

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